Work and Career Issues

Work and career play significant roles in our lives.  Work gives us a sense of purpose or value, not only to ourselves but to society as well.  The value can come from a paycheck, and also from performing a duty or skill that can benefit others.  Career is the realization of one’s ambitions, drives, and achievements.  All the hard work, education, and training has gotten the individual to a place where they can thrive at something they find fulfilling.   

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Often times, work pressures can feel like a burden, weighing us down and making us feel overwhelmed.  It could also make us feel less valued or even worthless; which could lead to feelings of worthlessness and depression outside of work.  The excessive demands and other stressors, if left unchecked, could adversely affect many aspects of our lives, including personal relationships.  The key is to find some balance between the external demands from our work and career and our internal needs for satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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Symptoms to look out for:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, like everything is piling on top of you
  • Not being able to “switch it off” once you leave work
  • Lack of motivation or interest
  • Arguments and tension while at work
  • Feeling volatile or very low energy
  • Excessive use of alcohol, drugs, or sex to relieve stress
  • Disrupted sleep

work issues

When you are thinking about starting or changing your career there are many factors to consider.  Often times, however, it is difficult to find the “perfect” career/job that fits all the criteria you’re looking for.  There may not be the perfect job, but taking the time to weigh out all the factors can help you find the best possible career for you.   

Factors to Look For When Starting or Changing a Career

  • Salary: You need to find a career that you can earn a livable wage.
  • Benefits: You want to have health and retirement benefits to protect yourself and your family.  This also includes personal time off for sickness or vacation.
  • Job Satisfaction:  Do you want to do something you feel passionate about?
  • Do you want to be near family and friends?
  • Travel: Are you willing to travel away from home for your career, and if so, how much?
  • Training:  What additional skills do you need to perform the job responsibilities.
  • Licensing and Certifications:  What are the licensing requirements to perform the chosen career.   

The following are some reasons why people seek professional guidance and support for career and work issues:

  • Lack of job or career satisfaction or fulfillment
  • Work stress due to difficult co-workers or supervisors, excessive workload or unreasonable expectations, and unfair employment practices.
  • Difficulty prioritizing, time management, and organization.
  • Problems focusing and concentrating, work avoidance
  • Demanding and micro-managing bosses
  • Difficulty finding a job, keeping a job, or deciding what kind of career to pursue
  • Communication problems at work
  • Staff cutbacks and layoffs


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How Can Counseling Help? 

  • Goal setting and strategizing
  • Regaining sense of purpose and motivation
  • A stronger ability to adapt and change
  • Assertiveness techniques for achieving goals
  • Improving relationships professionally and personally
  • A deeper sense of your values and core beliefs
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Career development strategies

If you are experiencing issues with work or career, it may be time to consider meeting with a counselor.  Call me at (732) 778-2774 and let’s work through it together!

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