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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

SAP Evaluations (for the Department of Transportation- DOT)


What is a SAP evaluation? SAP (substance abuse professional) evaluations are alcohol and substance abuse evaluations for individuals who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation.  The SAP evaluates the individual and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare.  


The SAP’s role essentially is to protect the public interest in safety. The SAP evaluation is a major decision point an employer may have in choosing whether or not to place an employee behind the steering wheel of a school bus, in the cockpit of a plane, at the helm of an oil tanker, at the throttle of a train, in the engineer compartment of a subway car, or at the emergency control valves of a natural gas pipeline.



The areas that are regulated by the Department of Transportation are as follow:



For more information about the SAP process, please click on the following link:


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